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Traditional Catering Package

Perfect for traditional birthdays and general occasions. Host your event with our Traditional Package, where simplicity meets elegance. Ideal for corporate gatherings, reunions, and more, this package offers a three-course menu with classic choices, seamless buffet service, and professional wait staff to ensure your event runs smoothly.

Starts at P60,000

Gold Catering Package

Perfect for stylish birthdays. Experience unparalleled luxury with our Gold Package, where fine dining meets exquisite styling. This package includes a diverse menu selection, elegant table settings, and enhanced services such as professional head waiters, ensuring your event is nothing short of spectacular.

Starts at P90,000

Buffet Catering Package

Perfect for those who don’t need tables and chairs. Our Buffet Package is ideal for those who want a variety of dining options. It features a multi-course menu, complimentary drinks for guests, and a complete buffet setup with food warmers and servers. This package ensures a full-service dining experience that caters to all tastes and preferences.

Starts at P450/Pax

Food Packs Package

Perfect for quick and efficient dining needs. Our Food Packs offer quality and convenience. Available for pickup, these packs include a main course, a vegetable side, and purified water, all in a food-grade container, making them ideal for large events or outings where easy, delicious meals are needed.

Starts at P250/Pack

Corporate Catering Package

A special package for big corporate events. Designed for professional events, our Corporate Package offers practical yet elegant solutions with a focus on efficiency and style. It includes a tailored buffet setup, essential event services, and add-ons like online guest list management, ensuring your corporate event is both impressive and seamless.

Starts at P350/Pax

Looking for styling only?

Styling Package

Transform your event space into a realm of elegance with our Styling Package. Featuring everything from lavish table settings to a grand entrance tunnel, this package promises a breathtaking ambiance—ensuring every detail is impeccably styled to your theme.

Starts at P70,000

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